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Here at Happytel, we understand how much your mobile device means to you, so our aim is to make your repairs experience simple, quick, and reliable.
To make it more convenient for you we’ve placed highly trained, professional technicians in each of our 70 locations across the country.

We repair over 130,000 devices every year, which is an average of almost 400 repairs a day, with most repairs being able to be completed in under 30 minutes.
That means you can have your device back on the same day you brought it in so you wont miss those important calls or emails you’re waiting for.

You can also have peace of mind knowing that we provide a 6 month nation-wide warranty for your repair parts.

Among the various more popular models and brands such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and HTC, we also provide repairs for Sony, Motorola, Blackberry, Asus, Huawei, Google Nexus, Nokia, Lumia, and LG.
Our technicians are capable of carrecting an array of issues from reception, battery/charging, housing/frame, port, wifi/bluetooth, screen, camera, speaker, button, sim, water damage, and data recovery.

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Listed below are just some of the repairs that our highly skilled technicians can take care of for you.

Reception and Signal Icon


You will notice that you have reception issues if you experience poor reception in areas you would normally have good reception, constant call interruptions or are unable to send and receive calls and texts.
You may need repairs if your phone or device:
- has a broken antenna cable.
- has a reception problem.
- is getting a poor signal.
- has an audio jack problem.
- has a headphone jack problem.

 Battery and charging icon


You will notice you have battery issues if your phone takes longer to charge than usual, your battery dies too quickly or you are unable to charge your phone at all.
You may need repairs if your phone or device:
- has a problem when charging the battery.
- needs a replacement battery.
- battery runs out or drains too quickly.
- has a broken charging port.

 Housing and Frame Icon


Housing and framing refers to the shell and outer frame of your phone. If this is bent, cracked or out of shape, it will make your phone more vulnerable, leading to further problems.
You may need repairs if your phone or device:
- needs a side frame replacement.
- needs a side frame repair.
- has a bent frame.
- needs a back housing replacement.
- has a batter housing issue.
- has a scratched or cracked frame.

 Port Repairs Issues Icon


This will occur if you are unable to plug in your cable or there is no response once you do plug in your data cable.
Your phone or device’s micro USB port is damaged

 Bluetooth Wifi Icon


Wifi and bluetooth problems include being able to connect to or detect WifI or bluetooth signals or constantly losing connection.
You may need repairs if your phone or device:
- has WiFi connection problems.
- has poor WiFi signals.
- has network connection problems.
- has bluetooth problems.
- has poor bluetooth signals.
- has a scratched or cracked frame.

 Screen Damage Icon


Screen Issues are the most common issues people with mobile phones face. Cracked and damaged screens, lines across the screen, no response to touch or the screen being black, white or turning on at all are the most common problems.
You may need repairs if your phone or device:
- has touch screen issues.
- has an unresponsive touch screen.
- screen is physically damaged (i.e. broken, shattered, smashed, cracked).
- screen glass is broken.
- proximity sensor is unresponsive.
- has a blank screen.
- has light sensor issues.
- automatically shuts down.
- LCD screen has lines across it.

 Camera Issues Icon


You will have camera issues if your camera is unable to focus or if there has been any physical damage to the sense (e.g. a cracked lense).
You may need repairs if your phone or device:
- has a broken front facing camera.
- has a camera software issue.
- has a camera focus problem.
- has a broken rear facing camera.
- has an unresponsive camera.

 Speaker and Audio Issues Icon


Speaker and audio problems include no sound being made, poor quality sound or low volume sound and your microphone being unable to detect any sound.
You may need repairs if your phone or device:
- has a speaker problem.
- microphone is not functioning or you hear distorted sound.

 Button Issues Icon


Common button issues include not being able to push the button down or having no response once you push down on the button.
You may need repairs if your phone or device:
- has an unresponsive “home” button.
- has a broken power button.
- has issues with any or all buttons (i.e. sleep, volume, option, menu, mute, etc buttons).

 Sim Card Issues Icon


SIM card issues include not being able to detect your SIM or your SIM not fitting in your phone.
You may need repairs if your phone or device:
- is experience issues reading your SIM card.
- SIM is unrecognisable.
- SIM card has physical issues.
- has a broken SIM slot.

 Water Damage Device Icon


Phones with water damage may show a discolouration on the screen or the phone will begin to malfunction and restart constantly.
You may need repairs if your phone or device:
- is water damaged.
- is suffering hardware or software issues from water damage.

 Other Device Issues Icon


- has a missing charging cover.
- has a missing SD card cover.
- has a missing SIM card cover.
- has vibration issues.
- has colour conversion or tuning issues.
- has password or unlocking issues.
- has computer connection problems.
- has stripped screws.
- S-Pen is not working or you have lost your S-Pen.


If the repairs you require are not listed please contact us for further enquiries.

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