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Great Stuff by Kev on 08/14/2017

The best present I could find for my kids. They absolutely love it!

Great gift for Christmas! by Luke on 12/07/2016

This mushroom speaker is a great gift for Christmas! It is really cute and offers great sound quality. It is so good that it is featured in the Westfield Gift Guide. I tested it out before I gave it to my girl and it is pretty cool.

cutest speaker eva!!!!! by Lisa7 on 12/07/2016

this is the cutest speaker with decent sound quality!!!!!!!!! gave one to my sis and one to my gf and they absolutely adore it!

so amazing! by Abby on 12/02/2016

i bought this becoz my phone battery was always low when i really needed to use it. It's so simple and lightweight i take it everywhere! luv it! best thing ever!!!!

my friends love it! by Mark on 12/02/2016

I got this a couple of weeks ago and took it to the races with my mates. They were really impressed that this battery was light so that you could use the phone while it was being charged and that it can charge iphone as well as samsung and type c phones as well. 3 of them asked me to order it for them. It is really good.

Great wallet case by Wills on 11/30/2016

This case is really stylish and made of genuine leather. Great value for money

Looks like real marble! by Minnie on 11/25/2016

This case looks like you have a piece of marble in your hand. It is really stylish! Also it has a rubber layer inside that offers great protection. My phone has not been damaged at all even though I have dropped it a few times.

Looks good but no protection by Shaz on 11/25/2016

I bought this, because the case looked really good on my phone but I regretted it as soon as I dropped my phone. It has no protection....

great battery and light as well by Mark on 11/25/2016

This battery has been great for me as I travel around Australia for meetings. It can charge my phone a number of times and it is light enough so that it is not that hard to answer calls when it is being charged.

great stuff by Guy on 11/21/2016

This case has saved my new iphone a number of times whilst working at sites around town. I have dropped it about three times on concrete a few times but it came through alright. Great stuff!

Great earphones! by AndyP on 11/21/2016

Wow for the price of the earphones. These are really great! They look really great. The angle of the earphone and the silicon bit really holds it in place when I am on the move when I am running or when I am walking in the city with the music up.

Really great service! by Jacko on 11/15/2016

We have had great feedback from our franchisees who have used it in their cafes. Customers love to look at their phones when they grab a coffee and this device allows them to charge their phone in our store without looking for power point. It is a great benefit for our customers!

Customers love it! by Mel on 11/15/2016

This device has been great for our hairdresser! The batteries ensures that customers can charge their phones whilst they are browsing on the net or looking at videos. They are very happy looking at their phones and no longer bored looking at old mags.

Great for my workout! by AllyC on 11/15/2016

These earphones are great when you are working out the gym. They just stay in place. The sound is pretty decent as well. I wish they had some more colours in stock...

Great battery but you need a separate cable for iphone by Tomkat99 on 11/14/2016

This battery is great. It charges my iphone 5 about two times from 0% and it can be recharged pretty quickly. But you need to buy or have a separate iphone cable. Otherwise really great product!

Best cellphone cover ever by ACE on 11/14/2016

Best cellphone cover ever. Please ensure to keep the black floral covers in stock at all times.

Really classy wallet case! by JHS on 11/07/2016

This case is really classy. It holds the cards I need and some cash. It looks great and feels really great in your hands. I think it is genuine leather. Great to take on your nights out or to my local pub for a nice sunday lunch.

Really simple and effective! by Carol on 11/04/2016

This case is a simple but effective case. The pink looks great on my phone provides great protection as well. I have dropped it when I was going to the station and the phone survived the drop but it got scuffed. Oh well...

Really good for gym by Tom on 11/02/2016

These earphones have great sound quality and a great when you are working out. They don't fall out when you are on the move at the gym doing your workout. Great product!

Great protection! by Gary on 11/02/2016

This case saved my edge from a couple of nasty drops. It is really protective but you need to get a glass screen protector for the front of the phone.

lovely by kathy on 10/16/2016

My mom loves it so much!

flower by Alex on 10/14/2016

I kept looking for this kind of floral cases and finally it's here. Ta.

luv by kellyc on 10/13/2016

thank you happytel!

luv by kellyc on 10/13/2016

thank you happytel!

perfect kick stand iphone case by Davo13 on 10/08/2016

Dads out there, this is best kick stand case ever! It's your best friend when babysitting..

stylish leather wallet by Willsmitty on 10/05/2016

rare stylish wallet that's genuine leather cards and money very secure

Very Safe & Secure! by Ricky on 10/05/2016

Recently purchased this screen protector and it feels super safe, and is not at all intrusive. Strongly recommend!

Great case that saved my phone! by Max on 10/05/2016

This case looks great with my gold S7 and it protected my phone from getting damaged a few times as the bumper edge around it absorbed the shock. Really recommend it to my mates!

no need to carry my wallet. by Nick on 10/05/2016

no need to carry my wallet.

Perfect for those who drop their phone often! by Andrew on 09/28/2016

I dropped my old phone and never again wanted it to happen. So I got myself this case for my iPhone 6s. After so many drops my phone is protected all times! Add a screen protector for extra peace of mind. Perfect case!

Happytel is ranked 4.6 out of 5. Based on 40 user reviews.
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